The #TWIM Experience Assembly


Thanks Mrs. Ogle for your recommendation. This is a great opportunity for this young lady, but even a greater opportunity for our students to be exposed to this positive message!” - Former Hopewell, Va Mayor Brenda Pelham

— Carter G. Woodson Middle School

I would like to thank you and your team for an amazing performance yesterday. The students really enjoyed the performances and hopefully they will use the skills demonstrated to conquer this bullying epidemic. Hope to see you soon at our next event.” - Loraine Smart, School Nurse

— Park Elementary

I just wanted to extend one more THANK YOU! What an absolutely incredible day! Just amazing! The school is buzzing!” - Health Teacher, Allison Cahill said of the two #TWIM Experience performances

— South Orange Middle

At today’s assembly at OPA I learned that no matter what, I have to be myself even if people judge me because at the end of the day this is my life and I’m the only one that can control things. Another thing I learned is that doing the right thing is hard sometimes and that every action doesn’t need a reaction, sometimes the best thing is to walk away. Also, I learned even if you are playing around with somebody you still have to watch what you say because you don’t know what that person is going thru, you might say something that you think isn’t serious but to the person you said it to it hurt them and if they kill themselves, you have to live with that.” 10th Grade Male Student "Please allow me to add that many of our 9th grade students continue to say around school the last few days to choose love not hate. One young lady in particular made a pledge card that she would choose love not hate and bought it to my office. Thank you much Substance it was Awesome!!!!” - Malika Berry, Social Worker

— Orange Preparatory Academy

We are so grateful for the opportunity you afforded our students and will be happy to support your efforts in any way possible," Dana D. Jones, School Social Worker ​ "Cyber bullying is one of the bad things about social media. In the assembly they talk about real life stories – people that were bullied on social media.” 10th Grade Female Student ​ “Today I learned that you have to love yourself and others. Stop the bullying- you could hurt other people’s feelings. Stop posting mean things on social media or exposing people…. Don’t ever let someone hurt your feelings, be strong and grateful that you are a beautiful person inside and out. So let’s help one another to stop the bullying. Nobody is perfect everybody is special in their own way.” - Staff and Students

— Orange High